As Agate Flow

Other musical projects

Visual art:

Paintings (selection)

Scar tissue (2021) (digital art) (series)

You lookin' like a snack (2018) (digital art) (series)

Communion (2017) (digital art) (series)

Augmented reality (2017) (digital art) (series)

Flumen (2017) (illustration) (series)

Sunday (2016) (photography) (series)

1904 (2015) (collage) (series)

A beautiful yesterday morning (2015) (poetry and photography) (series)

Untitled (weekends) (2015) (photography) (series)

Eternal child (2013) (photography) (series)

Crowns (2013) (photography) (series)

Conceptual art:

Untitled (Confesiones) (2022) (video art)

Winterandsummer (2019) (web art)

Partial acquisitions (2019) (web art, in collaboration with Octa Mobius Sheffner)

Testing-testing (2018) (web art)

What's the best memory you have? (2017-present) (web performance) (series)

Administration and curation:

Door gallery (2018-present) (founder, label administrator, gallery curator, writer)

7FORM (2017-present) (label administrator (2017-2020) and assistant director (2020-present))

Quasi service (2020-present) (label owner)

Bird collective (2019) (founder, curator, administrator)

Graphic design:

Cover design for Door Gallery's "The Door gallery presents" series

Mockup designs for various sporadic releases on Hairs aBlazin'

JCard design for Hantasi's "A Dream" (2020) (on Shatterfoil Industries)

Cassette design for Hantasi's "@HOME" (2018) (on DATALOG)