Other musical projects

Other solo musical projects include: 12.000 dancers in the sky, Crocodile Snow, DJ Fuerza de voluntad, Everything at the end of time, Existence, Factory Ingrid The Nerve, Friend Dubois, Horses Them Like Just, It's Pete, Los Pérez, Miley Cyrus, Mineral Water, Miss Petronila Guerrera, Mockingbird, My mind my body, Philip "impossible things", San Rafael, Six in the morning, Star, The Stars, Water your country, Whitney Houston, Winter and summer, Yolanda Fahrenheit, Youth, チェリーSoda, among others.

Other duos and groups include: Ekaterina Basic, Filter Body, Madonna, the Bird collective, One Direction, Planet Pororoca's Finest Wine, preDijim, Snail, Temple and true umbilical, 🌳 , among others.